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Forbidden Fruit and the Avocado Cheese Cake

On this edition of Big Talk, Maryssa Smith and Rodney Daniels chat with  Lawrence Ofori from Chopped and Jason Scoop from First Impressions with Dana Carvey! We chat about the best recipes for a party, what its like staring on a reality TV show, Trump and hookups.

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This week Maryssa and Rodney sit down with NYC based comedians Jamal Richardson and David Del Rosario. This episode we breakdown that best TV show series finales. What’s the difference of old school hip hop vs new hip hop. Is Kanye MIA and is the customer always right?

Space Aliens and Dating Apps

This week Maryssa and Rodney chat with comics Kevin Janaway, Travis Czap,Matt Klein and Zach Petrovich. In this episode we discuss aliens, the differences of Bumble and Grinder and can a Netflix cue be a turn off?

Do you know who Super Head is?

Where is Maryssa? This week Rodney Daniels and Jayson Cross sit down with Katie Jo, Aaron Smith and Christian Torres. This fun episode Rodney and Jayson dish some celebrity dirt and talk about social justice.

Swinging in Dick is my Brand

Maryssa Smith and Rodney Daniels chat with comics Fareeha Khan, Josh Nasser and Raymond Morency. Fareeha gives he take on Rihanna and Jay Z. Where does art come from? Raymond breaks down why Improv has a lack of diversity.

Cholo’s, Trans Rights and the $100K Face

Maryssa Smith and Rodney Daniels chant with comics Jen Mastachio and actress Kendra Augustin. We chat about Trans Rights, Protests, Comedy after Trump and favorite Tv shows.

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