Monthly Archives: July 2017

The alleged rape of the UCB 8 or is it 9?

This week Maryssa is joined with NYC comedians Kate Mo, J-L Cauvin and Mandy Velez the journalist that first broke the about an alleged comedian rapist.  Mandy does a deep dive into her investigative reporting on the uptick of rapes reported in the comedy community. Kate gives her take on diversity and inter-sectional feminism and J-L flexes his impression skills.

Wait, who’s wife did you sleep with?

This week Maryssa and Rodney are joined by NYC comedians Taryn Englehart and Ryan Hoffman. Taryn chats about internet trolls contacting her parents about an article she wrote and tells us what the most dangerous creature is in the sea!

Deportation,Whitney, and the N Word Oh My

This week Maryssa and Rodney kick back with NYC based comedians Emily Duncan and Corey Reppond. They were also joined by Broadway sensation Kevin Smith Kirkwood. In this juicy episode we discuss the role of protests, should use the N word, Jay Z’s mom coming out, and subway stair etiquette. Rodney and Kevin tell how they came out and Kevin tells us about his show Classic Whitney Alive.

Comedy’s First Female Alleged Rapist

This week Maryssa and Rodney chat with stand up comic’s Joe Devito and Rebecca Rush. Joe chats about dating at 50 and Rebecca recounts how she found out she was accused of allegedly raping a female comic.