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Black AF, Angry as Hell

This week Maryssa and Rodney are joined with NYC comedians Elsa Waithe, Darren Williams, Todd Montesi and Kenan Weaver. This explosive episode discuss’s feminism, socialism, LGBTQ issues within the Black community and artificial intelligence.  What could possibly go wrong when you have a passionate LGBT BLM activist and a 10 percenter on the same show?

I got into it with a Skin Head

Maryssa Smith , Rodney Daniels and Jayson Cross crack a cold one with NYC based comic and activist Elsa Waithe. We chat about the Inauguration protests in DC, Black Bloc, ANTIFA, Women’s March, mental health and inter-sectional politics.

Broadway, Chasers and Enema Parties

Maryssa Smith, Jayson Cross and Rodney Daniels are joined with Broadway Star Tony and Grammy winner Kevin Smith Kirkwood, Filmmaker Jose Alvarez and Drag sensation Bible Girl 666. We chat about with Kevin about Broadway, LGBT rights, and  Gays in the Church, Jose and Bibble Girl chat about Killer Unicorn NYC Club Life and Chasers.